I am back, but wow...

July 27, 2006 at 10:37 PMJoshua Harley

Well, I did manage to fly in on Tuesday morning... at 3:30, got home about 4AM... woo! I did have an awesome time, got some pictures, had a few drinks... ton of fun! I honestly didn't want to come home on Monday night, but here I am. Work has been hell too for me, from our master clone machine (from Dell... we order GX620s... we have FIVE DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS!!! WHAT THE HELL?!) failing it's hard drive right before the clone was finished to things slowly coming along with Active Directory. We're almost there, but we're cutting it really close. I still need to write an AutoIt script that can find out what group you are in and map the appropriate drives for you. Ugh we're really close to blowing this whole thing... really. I do have more to talk about that, but I need my rest - badly... still haven't recovered from my time back at work... I will soon, almost there.

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