TFS 2008, Server 2008, SQL 2008

January 19, 2009 at 10:56 PMJoshua Harley

Oye, so apparently I like pain. I keep doing it to myself too. I decided to set up a virtual machine (through Hyper-V) running Windows Server 2008 that would host a new instance of Team Foundation Server 2008. If any of you have heard of TFS before you may know that it is a pain in the ass to install. Out of the three installs I have completed I have never had one work the first time. So while following every step of the instructions to the letter, I still ended up with a failed install. As much as I would love to contribute to helping people, I have lost any idea of what I was doing  so there's no way a decent write up is happening. So here I am, wrestling with TFS yet again... so that's why I figure I like pain... I keep doing this to myself.

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